Personalized Print “repostables”

These are some ‘repostables’ I made to promote PPS on facebook and twitter.  The  goal is to have people re-post them, possibly along with a coupon code! and just for  all of you – here is a coupon code from me to you!

JC2010 will get you 10% off any order from Personalized Print until December 15th!



I’m very proud of these playing card designs because they were added to all 30+ PPS stores by my suggestion.  You’ve always been able to ‘drag and drop your image here’ but the stock image before was a stock photo of a palm tree and didn’t allow for text customization.  These new stock images help the customer imagine more possibilities by fitting the target market and being reminiscent of photos they have sitting on their digital camera.  Within a week of changing from the palm tree to the people, two orders came in from different PPS sites.

What is Personalized Print? The company I interned with, ODT, hosts a variety of print stores for alumni associations and non-profits.  Every sale benifits you chosen organization. The quality of the cards (greeting and playing) are excellent and you can even get ‘branded’ cards such as from your favorite organization! …for more information, see my previous post. 


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