Personalized Print

Personalized Print is a collection of branded print stores, which began in November 2009 with eight affiliate stores.  It now powers over 20 branded web print stores for alumni associations and non-profits across the country. In addition to a large array of beautifully designed cards for any occasion, each site is customized with branded items such as greeting cards, playing cards, and stationary that help cater to each organization’s unique supporters.

As users navigate the many options on each site, they are engaged in easily personalizing their product of choice with their own photos and text. After they make a purchase they receive quality cards and specialty products along with the knowledge that a portion of the proceeds benefit their chosen organization.

This is the copy I prepared for the Personalized Print facebook page.  This private facebook group will launch next month as a part of the campaign for social media that I created for PPS in order to help the affiliates to increase brand awareness of their stores. The group will feature articles, discussions, and a generous helping of marketing ideas.  It will also let affiliates easily ‘share’ their store on their ‘wall’ on facebook with their supporters.

Some examples of the products available on Personalized Print Stores


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